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As a means of facilitating student success, REACH/Student Support Services makes the following commitments to program participants:

  • To provide accurate, timely, and consistent academic advising and priority registration.
  • To provide educational, vocational, and limited short-term personal counseling.
  • To provide free one-on-one tutoring in up to two classes per semester in most academic subjects. (Some exceptions may apply.)
  • To provide instruction in academic skill building and learning strategies.
  • To provide assistance in transferring to four-year colleges/universities.
  • To provide assistance in obtaining financial aid at VWCC and transfer institutions.
  • To provide culturally enriching field trips and extracurricular activities, as funds permit.
  • To serve as consultants to members of the student's significant social group (parents, siblings, other family members), when appropriate.
  • To provide appropriate referrals to other College offices/personnel as well as to local community agencies.
  • To assist College faculty and staff to understand, communicate with, and to relate positively to the student.
  • To facilitate and/or provide in a timely manner appropriate accommodations based on professional documentation of a disability, where applicable.

Participants Responsibility

It should be understood that if any student selected for participation in the REACH/Student Support Services program fails to honor the responsibilities outlined below, any or all services or privileges available to that student through REACH/Student Support Services may be withdrawn and participation terminated.

For optimum academic success, program participants are expected to:

  • Attend all classes, be on time, and complete all assignments regularly.  Discuss extenuating circumstances with your instructor and let REACH / Student Support Services know if you need assistance.
  • Work vigorously and continuously in the pursuit of your personal, academic, and career goals.
  • Actively participate in REACH / Student Support Services.
  • Consult with your REACH / Student Support Services Counselor or Advisor each semester prior to registration.
  • Seek advising assistance on appropriate courses and course load
  • Register for classes through your REACH / Student Support Services counselor/advisor TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PRIORITY REGISTRATION
  • Keep scheduled appointments.
  • Attend REACH / Student Support Services workshops, as appropriate.
  • Request and commit to tutoring services when needed.
  • Demonstrate progress in a curriculum toward a degree.  (Excessive withdrawals or failures resulting in continued poor academic standing may indicate lack of progress.)
  • Meet with your REACH / Student Support Services Counselor/Advisor to discuss strategies when academic difficulties arise.
  • Complete and return required paperwork/forms in a timely manner.
    • Tutor requests
    • Financial Aid applications, if applicable
    • Accommodation requests, if applicable
    • Graduation applications
    • REACH / Student Support Services surveys and evaluations
    • Other academic forms, as needed
  • Utilize career and transfer resources and services available in REACH / Student Support Services, as needed.
  • Keep informed about important dates/deadlines by checking the College Academic Calendar regularly.  (Available in the College Catalog, Schedule of Classes, in REACH / Student Support Services, and bulletin boards across campus.)
  • Read the REACH / Student Support Services newsletter when it arrives in the mail, noting important dates and opportunities offered through REACH / Student Support Services.
  • Respond to all written and oral communications from the REACH / Student Support Services staff in accordance with established deadlines.
  • Request appropriate services and bring any problems or concerns you may have to the attention of your REACH / Student Support Services Counselor or Advisor.  Let us help.        

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