Student Handbook

Campus Police & Safety

Virginia Western Campus Police Officers are duly sworn through the 23rd Judicial District Court in Roanoke. Our officers are responsible for fostering a safe and secure learning environment for the college's main campus. Campus Police have full law enforcement authority on the grounds of the campus and any adjacent roadways. Campus Police are trained with basic € first aid and CPR/AED skills.

Police should be noti€fied immediately in the event of an emergency, or for any issue that creates an uncomfortable situation for you. We encourage you to call about anything that causes you concern. If you're unsure whether you should call, please call; 857-7979.

Reasons you might call us:

  • Medical Emergency
  • Criminal Activity (Theft, Property Damage, Stalking, Harassment, Assault…)
  • Vehicular Crash
  • Lost or Found Property
  • Student Mental Health concerns
  • Fire or Bomb Threat

Contacting Campus Police

The Campus Police Department is located in the College Services Building found at the end of lot 9 (intersection of Colonial Ave. & Overland Rd.). Campus Police may be reached at telephone number 857-7979. In the event of emergency or need for assistance you may utilize any of the Red Emergency Call Boxes that are located throughout the campus. There are also call buttons inside each elevator that will dial directly to Campus Police. If for some reason in an emergency you are unable to contact Campus Police we ask that you dial 911. The Campus Police operate within the same radio network as Roanoke City Police so we will be noti€fied by a dispatcher if an emergency exists.

Incidents and Statistics

Incidents and statistics related to the annual Jeanne Cleary Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Report) can be found on the Campus Police Website.


Evacuation Procedures

Buildings should be quickly and quietly evacuated whenever a € fire alarm is activated. Evacuation plans are posted on the wall of every classroom near the door. Alarms are very loud buzzers that may have flashing strobe lights associated with them. Evacuations may also be initiated by college personnel without the use of audible € fire alarms (rare cases). Students should proceed in a calm, orderly fashion from classrooms, hallways or common areas to the nearest exit. Once outside, move far away from buildings, adjacent sidewalks and roadways in order to maintain safe access for first responders. DO NOT LOITER IN FRONT OF EXITS, move away from the building.

Evacuation Procedures for Person with Disabilities

Elevators should not be utilized during € fire alarm evacuations. If you have mobility issues and this prevents you from exiting a multi-story building, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the areas of rescue assistance typically found on a landing inside a stairwell. Please ask your instructor where these areas are located or contact the college's Disability Services Department at 857-7286 or campus police.


A lockdown will be ordered when notice is received of a potentially imminent threat to the campus. These situations call for the immediate securing of classrooms, offices, and labs in an attempt to protect individuals from violent activities. In most cases this alert will involve the sounding of the outdoor alert siren, campus wide broadcast through our IP phone systems and a text message alert sent through VW Alert. All lockdown events will remain in effect until the "ALL CLEAR" is given via the VW Alert system, campus wide phones or through personal contact with college staff.