Student Handbook

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid Information

Enrollment Center, Chapman Hall, Room 108
The Enrollment center offers assistance in completing the FAFSA form and answers general questions on the process. Financial Aid staff members are available for additional support.

Types of Financial Aid

There are many types of financial aid, including grants and scholarships, work-study, and loans. Both private and public funds are available. The federal government has both grant and loan programs. The Federal Student Aid website provides detailed information and acts as a starting point for receiving this aid.

Grants and Scholarships

Grants are awarded based on financial need and do NOT have to be repaid upon successful completion of each semester. Grants are funded by both the state and federal governments. In addition to financial need, students must often maintain certain academic criteria, such as full-time status and good academic standing.

Scholarships are educational gifts that generally do not need to be repaid. A wide variety of organizations award scholarships and educational gifts, and each has a different set of criteria for application and award.

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study is a program that provides part-time employment opportunities to eligible students to help meet the cost of education. Based on the results of the FAFSA, students are awarded an amount that may be earned throughout a semester.


A loan is borrowed money that must be repaid, usually with interest. There are several types of federal and private student loans.

Applying for Financial Aid

Any potential student who wishes to apply for financial aid (including many scholarships) must submit a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the Federal Student Aid Programs for each academic year. A FAFSA can be submitted as early as January 1 each year, and primary consideration for aid is given to students whose applications are received and processed by the Priority Date published on the Financial Aid website. The FAFSA can be submitted directly over the Internet. Most students use this option. However, a paper application can be obtained by calling 1-800-4-FED-AID. To begin an online FAFSA, visit the website

Educational Foundation

Fishburn Hall, Room 214
The Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation, Inc. offers scholarships to Virginia Western students based on academic achievement and financial need. Community citizens, companies, and organizations generously provide the money to fund annual scholarships. The Educational Foundation also administers the Community College Access Program (CCAP) for residents of the college's service region.

The scholarship application forms and detailed information about available scholarships are available at the Educational Foundation website.

External Scholarships

Numerous scholarships are available each year from sponsors outside the college. Each scholarship will have its own application form, some of which can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office in Chapman Hall.

Veterans Benefits - Military Student Center

Anderson Hall, Room 122
The Military Student Center assists students in applying for VA benefits, furthers the process of certifying eligibility, and maintains accurate enrollment and student status records. All veteran students receiving educational benefits must be enrolled in an official curriculum leading to a diploma, certificate, or degree.