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Testing Accomodations

For the Faculty

Where appropriate, the testing accommodation may be provided by:

The faculty member is requested to work carefully with the student to determine the most appropriate testing environment.  If sending or bringing the test to Student Support or the Testing Center, the faculty member must attach the Test Information Sheet. Testing forms are available in the Division Office, Testing Center, SSS, or at VW's Blackboard site under Student Support.

Tests and the Test Information Sheet for Student Support Services may be sent electronically to or faxed to (540) 857-7918.  The test/quiz will be returned by campus mail, unless the faculty member specifies that he/she will pick up the test/quiz.

For the Student

For testing in Student Support Services, the student needs to make an appointment by calling 857-7286 several days before the test date and specify any approved auxiliary aids requested.  The student will need to sign Testing Rules in Student Support Services when coming to take the test.

  • If a student begins a test and does not finish, the test will be returned to the instructor.
  • The student must begin the test with adequate time allowed to finish the test before the campus office closes.  If testing is done in the Testing Center, the student must be aware of the Testing Center hours, which may vary at certain times of the year.  The hours of Student Support Services are from 8am to 5pm, Monday, Wednesday &Thursday; 8am to 6:30 pm Tuesday, and from 8am to 3pm on Friday.
  • No testing accommodation, unless specified on the Testing Information Sheet, allows for taking the test/quiz at a date later than the class session when the test/quiz is scheduled by the instructor.  The student must begin the whole test/quiz at the time indicated by the instructor.  If the accommodation cannot be provided during the class session that the test is given, the student must work with the instructor to determine an appropriate time to take the test.  Accommodations for lab tests must be discussed and planned separately with the instructor beforehand.

Accommodations ensure equal opportunities to education, but do not guarantee academic success.  The student is still subject to all policies and procedures of the college cited in the college catalog and student handbook.


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