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In addition to grant students, REACH/SSS provides services to students with disabilities.  Any student with a disability may identify themselves to us and we will review their documentation and determine what accommodations their disability warrants.  This is a process that involves participation by the student, our offices and faculty.

The Process

  1. Student completes a request for accommodations and provides REACH/SSS with appropriate documentation of the disability.
  2. We review the documentation and determine if the request is supported by the documentation.
  3. We issue a form to the student listing each of the supported accommodations.  This form is signed by a REACH counselor and the student.
  4. Student makes an appointment with each of their instructors to discuss the request and how that will be handled in each class.
  5. Faculty initials next to each accommodation they agree with and signs the form.
  6. Copies are made by the instructor and the instructor keeps a copy, a copy goes to the student and the original should be returned via campus mail to our offices.

These forms and the process can also be accessed by logging on to Blackboard.  Scroll down to Student Support Services and click.  The form is under course documents, faculty forms and the first form on the list is Access Plan.  Other forms of interest may be: Testing Information Sheet, Guidelines for Testing Accommodations, and Examples of Syllabus Statements.



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