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Classroom Accommodation Agreement

The student and faculty member are urged to contact the Student Support Services counselor/advisor at 857-7286 about any questions, concerns, or problems related to the accommodations requested.

Student Responsibility

  • The student makes an appointment to meet with the faculty member at an appropriate time, such as faculty office hours, to discuss accommodation requests and complete the Classroom Accommodation Agreement Form.
  • The student must request classroom accommodations from the faculty member in a reasonable amount of time for processing before the accommodation is needed.  Otherwise, the faculty member may not be able to provide the accommodation at the time needed.
  • The student shows the faculty member a copy of his/her Accommodation Access Plan and provides the faculty member with a copy, if requested.  The classroom accommodations requested must be listed on the student's Accommodation Access Plan.  The student may request some or all of his/her classroom accommodations.

Faculty Responsibility

  • Accommodations cannot interfere with the essential nature of the program of study or the course curriculum.  If the faculty member believes there is interference, please contact the Student Support Services counselor/advisor and the appropriate Division Dean in order to collaborate.
  • Accommodations must be provided in a reasonable and appropriate manner suitable to the specific need addressed by the accommodation.  (Ex: Reduced distraction testing must be provided in an area relatively free of distractions.)
  • If possible for testing, either the faculty can provide the accommodation, the test can be sent to the Testing Center, or the test can be sent to Student Support Services, electronically to .  Please refer to the General Guidelines for Testing Accommodations available in the Division Office, in Student Support Services, or on the web at VW's Blackboard site under Student Support.
  • After discussing the requests, the faculty member will complete the Classroom Accommodation Agreement available in the Division Office, Student Support Services, and on the web at Blackboard, Student Support.  The exact wording for each accommodation approved on the Accommodation Access Plan must be used.  If adaptations are needed, the faculty must contact Student Support Services to collaborate on the wording.
  • The faculty member and the student sign the agreement.
  • The faculty member provides the student with a copy, keeps a copy, and returns the original copy to Student Support Services in C113.  Student Support Services will provide a copy to the Division Dean.
  • The faculty member files his/her copy in a secure place.  No information regarding a student's disability may be released without the student's written permission except to individuals at VWCC involved directly in the assessment and implementation of disability services for the student.  Exceptions are situations involving safety and health issues or a court ordered investigation.  Contact Student Support Services at 857-7286 for clarification.

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