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September 30, 2013

Men’s Basketball All-Stars Night Friday

The 2013 Men's Basketball All-Stars Night will be held Friday, October 4 at 8:30 PM in the Humanities Gymnasium.  Dunk Contest, 3-Point Shootout, Skills Challenge, and student contests for prizes are scheduled. 

Admission is free to the public and Virginia Western students are eligible for prizes with their current student ID.  The Men's Basketball team ask that you bring a can of food for donatation to a local food shelter.

Come out and celebrate the beginning of Blue Stars Basketball!

Car wash tickets for sale!

Tanglewood Autowash tickets are for sale for $9 each.  Proceeds to benefit the Virginia Western Men's Basketball team!  Contact Ray Bare at 540-728-1563 or rbare@virginiawestern.edu if interested.  Tickets can be delivered on campus to supporters.

Think Fast Game Show

Win cash prizes at a pop culture trivia game show!

Wednesday, October 2

12 Noon

Cafeteria (Outside Dominos and Java the Hut)

Calling All College & University Students – Register NOW for the Virginia Cyber Aces State Championship!

Are you interested in a career in cybersecurity? You can fill the cutting edge jobs that demand elite training and reward with significant opportunity. Our country faces increasing threats in cyberspace and there is a critical shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals to address them. Great jobs are going unfilled.


Virginia Tech and Cyber Aces are challenging college and university students across the state to register for Cyber Aces Online and compete for a chance to participate in the Virginia Cyber Aces State Championship. Registration is free and open now. Please register as soon as possible at www.cyberaces.org to begin the trainings.


The competition will address this critical skills gap. College and university students from across the state will come together, compete to win top honors, and the best performers may earn scholarships for elite training. In the near future, we plan to have a Cyber Academy in Virginia to certify those with the highest potential and aptitude for residency training and job placement.

The Virginia Cyber Aces State Championship has an online competition, with tutorials and quizzes, and a final event with head-to-head Net Wars competition. Net Wars will be held in Spring 2014 and I encourage you to register to participate in this competition.


Bible 101 Club Meets Wednesdays

The Bible 101 Club will meet in Thomas Hall Room 205 on Wednesdays from 2:30pm-3:30pm for regular meeting times.

Many discussions will be led by local ministers or reverends. Topics may include: Keeping the Faith, Fellowship, Pre-marital sex and Creation vs. Evolution. 

You need not be a member to attend any of the meetings.

For more information contact Dianne Martin at diannemartin1@aol.com or Haywood Scott.

Student Council Meeting – Tomorrow

Next Student Council Meeting – Tomorrow!


Tuesday, October 1

3 p.m.

Thomas Center, Room 205

All students welcome! Meets monthly to discuss student issues and encourage collaboration.

Please contact advisor Natasha Lee at nlee@virginiawestern.edu  for more information!

September 27, 2013

Washington D.C National Mall trip

Spend a day in our nation's capitol.  Visit museums or monuments!  Examples include the National Gallery of Art, National Museum of Natural History, or the Lincoln Memorial.

Trip includes transportation on a charter bus.  Participants must bring money for meals.  Limited number of spots available.  Sign up with Student Activities to reserve your spot.

$10 deposit required at time of sign up.  Deposit refunded day of event.

Tuesday, November 26

(First day of Thanksgiving Break)

Departing VWCC at 7a.m.


NEUROIMAGING STUDY volunteers needed. Eligible participants must be healthy adults who:
  • Are between 18 and 55 years old
  • Are not claustrophobic
  • Do not have permanent metal implants
  • Can commit to participating in multiple sessions over the course of several months
Participants will:
  • Participate in interview and questionnaires
  • Play computer games during MRI scans
  • Receive a copy of their brain scan
  • Be compensated $15 per hour or more for participating
If you are interested, please contact us at 540-526-2032 or at participate@vtc.vt.edu

MRI Research Study on Depression

Researchers at Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute are conducting a new research study investigating emotional reactions in brain responses in people who suffer from depression. We may first invite you to come in for an interview about some of your experiences and how you are feeling. We may then ask you to come back and do some activities during a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scan, which uses a magnet and radio waves (no x-rays!). Counseling may also be available for those who are interested.

Eligible participants must:

  • Be 18-55 years old
  • Have problems with depression
  • Not taking antidepressants
  • Not have any metal implants
  • Not be claustrophobic
Participants will:
  • Receive free counseling
  • Participate in interviews and questionnaires
  • Play computer games during MRI scans
  • Be paid $15 per hour or more for participating 

Compensation: Interview: $15/hour Scanning: $20-60 per scanning session plus a high resolution image of your brain. Free counseling.  

If you would like to participate, please contact Cari at 540-526-2032 or email depression@vtc.vt.edu


The Human Neuroimaging Laboratory at Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute (VTCRI) located in Roanoke, Virginia would like to invite you to participate in a variety of groundbreaking studies!

  • Eligibility:  healthy adults, age 18-64
  • Compensation:  at least $20.00
  • Primary goal:  To study the response of the normal brain to patterns of stimuli, rewards, and decision-making
  • Institute sponsor:  Human Neuroimaging Laboratory labs.vtc.vt.edu/hnl
  • Study timeframe/duration:  1-3 hours per visit

 If you are interested in volunteering, please visit: http://vtcri.info/jkzexq

To contact us via e-mail: signup@vtc.vt.edu; or call 540-526-2034


The Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute is conducting a brain imaging study on cigarette smokers. Eligible participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Current smokers, age 18-55
  • Smoke at least 5 cigarettes per day
  • Have been smoking for the past year

You will be compensated for your time. Eligible participants typically make $50 for the first session and $30 for the second session, with the potential to earn an additional $75. We have two locations, Blacksburg and Roanoke, and scheduling is very flexible to best accommodate your schedule. If interested, please contact Andre at 540-526-2068 orajplate@vtc.vt.edu for more information.



  • Deployment impacts veterans in many ways
  • We use new FMRI technology to understand how deployment can affect the biology of the brain


  • Have the study described and questions answered by study staff before deciding to participate
  • Participate in a videotaped interview about your life experiences
  • Fill out some questionnaires
  • Complete computer tasks during an fMRI scan which may include:
    • Viewing positive, negative, & neutral images- including some that are combat related
    • Playing simple computer games
    • Be asked to provide a saliva sample for genetic analyses
    • Receive a CD copy of your structural brain scan
    • Be compensated $15 per hour for the interview & questionnaire session and $20 or more for the fMRI scan depending on how you play the game


  • OEF/OIF Veterans who are:
  • Between 18 & 64 years old
  • Free from metal in their body
  • Not claustrophobic


(540) 526-2032, vets@vtc.vt.edu, http://info.vtc.vt.edu/vets

September 26, 2013

Hot Topic, October 2


WHEN:  Wednesday, October 2; 1:00 p.m.
WHERE:  Duncan 206
FACILITATOR:  Ms. Mickey Webb

If you would like to:
determine how much money is needed to attend college
know how to make the most of financial aid for the future you want
know what types of aid is available and
know how to borrow loans responsibly......
then this is a Hot Topic you should attend!

Advising/Retention Services
Chapman Hall, Room 105

Car wash tickets for sale!

Tanglewood Autowash tickets are for sale for $9 each.  Proceeds to benefit the Virginia Western Men's Basketball team!  Contact Ray Bare at 540-728-1563 or rbare@virginiawestern.edu if interested.  Tickets can be delivered on campus to supporters.