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April 25, 2013

“Navigate: Get THERE through Team Advising” Spring Fling Prize Winners Announced

Thanks to all the students who completed the survey at the “Navigate: Get THERE through Team Advising” table during Spring Fling on Friday, April 19th
Congratulations to Brett Anaya for winning the top prize, a GPS.  The other raffle drawing winners are listed below:

·         Denisa  Ackar-Java gift card
·         Jobeth Akers-Starbucks gift card
·         Joe Barnes-Starbucks gift card
·         Will Barton-Starbucks gift card
·         Caroline Booth-Sweet Frog gift card
·         Matt Booth-Java gift card
·         Trevor Campbell-Java gift card
·         Monique Clemoy-Starbucks gift card
·         Jared Cole-Sweet Frog gift card
·         Kate Hogan-Java gift card
·         Rebekah Miller-Starbucks gift card
·         Ashleigh Overstreet-Gas card
·         Angela Radford-Sweet Frog gift card
·         Stevan Richie-Gas card
·         Jason Sawicki-Java gift card
·         Jacob Shearer-Sweet Frog gift card
·         Ashley Simmons-Starbucks gift card
·         Billie Stultz-Sweet Frog gift card
·         Sepideh Torkiyan-Sweet Frog gift card
·         Dominique Waller-Java gift card
·         Steven Wooten-Sweet Frog gift card

If you have not already claimed your prize, please stop by the Fishburn Hall lobby and see Ms. Amy Balzer to do so.  Please be sure to bring a photo id.
For more details about the Navigate project, please follow this link:  http://www.virginiawestern.edu/about/ie/documents/NavigateOverview.pdf .  If you have questions, comments, or concerns about Navigate: Get THERE through Team Advising, please contact Ms. Kristel Clark, QEP Coordinator, at kclark@virginiawestern.edu or 540-857-6218

Volunteer Recognition

On behalf of the Virginia Western Volunteer Center and Student Activities, we would like to say Thank You to the following students/faculty/clubs for participating in "A Semester of Service" during the spring 2013 semester. 

The following students/faculty/clubs volunteered at one or more of the following activities: South Roanoke Nursing Home, The Boys and Girls Club of Southwest VA, Mill Mountain Zoo, Feeding America Southwest VA, West End Center for Youth, day trip to New River Community College, Early Childhood Book Drive, and Hygiene Drive.

  • Michelle Simmons
  • Spencer Holland
  • Monica Perez
  • Mathew Holden
  • Kesha Gates
  • Luz Velez
  • Cienna Taylor
  • Beth Waters
  • Christie Falzone
  • Deborah Ouellette
  • Elizabeth Schmidt
  • Abdulhamid Ojelade
  • Dominique Hunter
  • Brandon Wilcox
  • Alisa Akers
  • Andrew Pence
  • Grace Earnhart
  • James Finchum
  • Catherine Cook
  • Nathalie Balisage
  • Amber Horsley
  • Scott Vandergrift
  • April Rodgers
  • James Wallen
  • Jacqueline Langhorne
  • Tray Stultz
  • Amanda Bradley
  • Jacqueline Busic
  • Leslie Watson
  • Brain Cuddy
  • Jessica Rowland
  • Tonilynne Berry
  • Cailin Smedley
  • Stephania Dorcelus
  • Campus Body of Christ
  • Early Childhood Development Program 

Thank You to the CCAP students for their volunteer service this past semester.  The CCAP students participated in a variety of service projects including Feeding America Southwest VA, Charity Cottage Thrift Store, Roanoke Rescue Mission and Habitat for Humanity. 

Thank You to the Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation, Inc. for your support in making service a priority at Virginia Western.

A Semester of Service, spring 2013 was a resounding success thanks to volunteers like you!  Virginia Western Community College appreciates your gift of time, energy and commitment to your community.

Student Council – Meeting May 1

The Student Council is an organization where students can share ideas, opinions, and make recommendations to college staff! Join us for the last meeting of the semseter and help us set an agenda for Fall 2013!

The Student Council meets monthly and is open to all Virginia Western students!

Join us for the next meeting - Wednesday, May 1 at 2 p.m. in Thomas Center, Room 205. Refreshments provided.

Contact Chair Lynsey Wyatt at lgw2836@email.vccs.edu or Student Activities Coordinator Natasha Lee at nlee@virginiawestern.edu with questions.

Food Vendors

On April 26, 2013 at 2:00p.m, Domino's will close for the Summer. Also, Java The Hutt will close at 2:00p.m. as well. However, Java The Hutt will open for exams from M-Thurs from 7:00a.m to 12:30p.m.