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April 26, 2012

2012 Spring Fling Juried Art Show Winners!

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding artwork in the 2012 Spring Fling Juried Art Show! 

Purchase Awards
President’s Purchase Award:      Emily Jones                          “Iris”                           watercolor
Dean of Students’ Award:   Susan A. Bruffey       “Sunny Soup Pot”             oil
Workforce Development & Lifelong Learning Purchase Award: Anna Robertson      “Color In the Dirt”    digital photography
Excellence in Art Purchase Award:  Lincoln Humphry        “Drew Barrymore”      gouache
Spring Fling Flyer Design Award:    David Scherrep            “Spring Fling 2012”         digital graphic design
Student’s Choice Award:   Deborah Dryer         “Reflection Dazzle”                        watercolor
Alumni Association Purchase Award: Susan A. Bruffey  “Reproduction of Cezanne Bay”    watercolor
Institutional Effectiveness Purchase Award: Lisa Jean Allagas  “A Path to Take” photography and Lisa Jean Allagas  “Confluence”  photography
IET Director Award:     Geoffrey Hubbard         “Tiger”                        colored pencil
IET Technology in Art Award:   Tyler Clark                  “Steve Jobs”                          gouache
VWCC Follett Bookstore Award:   Donna Etzler             “Friends”                            oil
Office of Financial Aid and Veterans’ Affairs Purchase Award:    Lee C. Niebuhr            “The Old Colonial”                silver gelatin fiber print
English Department Purchase Award:    Kaleb Lynch       “Daffodils”               watercolor
LASS Division Award:  Mariah Davis              “African Crowned Cranes”       mixed-media

Juried Awards
2012 Judge: David Mickenberg -Executive Director, Taubman Museum of Art

Best in Show
Eddie Resnick            “That Place you Go”     drawing colored pencil

First Place
First Place Drawing:   Thomas Oshida “Pental Technical Drawing”      digital drawing
First Place Graphic Design/Typography:    Emily Jones    “Floyd Fest Logo”     graphic design
First Place Photography: Paul Calvert  “H2O”   photograph
First Place Painting: Hillary Turpin “Number 5”  watercolor
First Place Mixed Media/3D:     Mateo Marquez “1”   mixed-media

Second Place
Second Place Drawing:   Margie Osgood     “Illuminated Peacock”           drawing color pencil
Second Place Graphic Design/Typography:   Matt Reyer   “Cause & Effect”    graphic design
Second Place Photography:       Rachel Graham                    “the 5’s”                     photography
Second Place Painting:      Donna Etzler                    “Friends”                          oil
Second Place Mixed Media/3D:  Kim Mabes                “Timepiece II”                 mixed-media

Merit Awards
Lee Niebuhr  “The Old Colonial”    photography
Daniel Bivins  “ Melieu Magazine Cover"   graphic design
Mariah Davis  “African Crowned Cranes”   mixed-media
Tyler Clark  “Holden Effigy”   drawing
Kim Mabes  “Reflection”    painting

Honorable Mention Awards from Southern Graphics
Adele Gleixner   “One Tree”     photography
Johnathan McLaughlin   “  Selft Portrait through obscurity”    photography
Megan M. Webb      “Swing”        typography
Brittany Sink      “Salvador Dali”    mixed-media
Laura Hughes     “Bioshock Propaganda”  mixed-media
Eddie Resnick     “She”           drawing
Jessica Griffin      “Spectacle”  drawing
Rachel Abbott         “Iris”               oil
Deborah Dreyer     “Reflection Dazzle”      watercolor
Tyler Marcus      “Oranges and Mugs”     oil

 The Virginia Western Art Faculty and Art Club want thank everyone who entered, everyone who helped with this year's show. The department also wants to thank all our awards sponsors for their support for the Spring Fling Art Show!