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Please allow 48 hours turnaround time. Larger jobs may require more time!

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Use this form if your original is ready to be copied in its present state.

Warning: Copyrighted material will be produced only in conformity with congressional standards for educational fair use.  These standards are listed in the Faculty Handbook.

Please allow at least 48 hours for tests, handouts and manuals.  Full color printing and offset press jobs require extra time.

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Printing Section

Black & White Copying   Color Copying

Finishing Section:

Print on 1 side only  Print on 2 sides Tabloid Printing

Do Not Collate Collate Only Collate & Staple

Letter Fold Half Fold Double Parallel Fold Fan Fold

Cut in Half Cut in Thirds Cut in Fourths

Make into Pads

Paper Selections:

2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part

Yellow Green Pink Ivory
Salmon Lilac Gold Blue

Yellow Green Ivory Blue White

Binding Selections:

Dual Staple 3-Hole Punch Cover & Bind
Tape Binding Spiral Binding (recommended for over 250 duplexed sheets)

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