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Campus Safety

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Safety Tips

Whether you're a student, a visitor, faculty or staff we want your time at VWCC to be enjoyable and safe. With that in mind we've listed a few basic cautions and reminders to help ensure that no one gets hurt or becomes the victim of a crime.

  • If you have a friend who is taking the same classes, or ones in a nearby building, walk together to and from classes.
  • Please do not leave purses or other property unattended. It only takes a moment for someone to grab the item and walk away.
  • Always be careful when traversing Colonial Avenue at the crosswalk between Lot #7 and north campus- never assume that traffic will stop for you even though the pedestrian crosswalk light is in your favor. Remember if the crosswalk light is showing a red hand at least one of the vehicle traffic lights will be green.
  • VWCC is always expanding and improving the facilities on campus, so be aware of construction zones and areas where other work is taking place.
  • Obey the posted speed limits in parking lots, and on the roads surrounding the campus- even if it means getting here a little early to avoid rushing to class!

Our full-time officers are all First Aid certified, so don't hesitate to call us if you think you may be injured, or even if you just don't feel well. If it turns out you need more thorough attention than we can provide, we will activate an EMS unit to assist you.

If you should notice a suspicious person or an unsafe condition here on campus, we encourage you to report it to us. If you have any doubt about whether we should check on someone/something, it is better to call and allow us to look into it. The number to call is 857-7979.

The VWCC Counseling office is available for anyone who may want to get advisement for not only academic matters, but also for issues such as substance abuse, sexual assault/harassment, and other sensitive situations.

For information regarding school inclement weather delays/closings stay tuned to a local television/radio channel.


VWCC Alerts

We use VW Alert to immediately contact you during a major crisis or emergency.

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