The Media Geeks

Service Catalog

The Media Geeks provide bleeding edge technical services to Virginia Western Community College, and we've got the scars to prove it!

Working closely with the departments in Information and Educational Services, we provide services in the following areas:
NASA Presentation

  • Lecture Capture (Panopto)
  • Video Recording
    • Project management
    • Camera, light and sound operations
    • Editing and delivery
  • Streaming Video
    • Managing servers and contracted services
  • Live Streaming Events
    • Camera operations
    • Switching
    • Delivery
  • Event Technical Support
    • Dedicated technician services
  • Theater Technology Support
    • High level system consulting and support
  • iTunes
  • Audio Recording
  • Mobile Device Management
    • iOS support and training
  • Cable TV
    • Routing and support of existing limited CATV network
  • VWtv
    • Creation of slides
    • System & location design
    • Installation and ongoing maintenance
    • Job board and specialized use management
  • Classroom Support
    • Classroom design
    • Delivery system design and testing
    • Installation and ongoing maintenance
      • Projectors
      • Document Cameras
      • Wireless and wired digitizer tablets (WACOM)
      • Control Systems (the buttons you push to turn things on)
      • Speakers and other audio devices
  • Research and Documentation
    • New Technology
    • System Design
    • Technology use in education (typically referred to as "disruptive" technology)

As a general rule, the Media Geeks try to respond to every high priority call placed to the Help Desk within 15 minutes (usually much faster than that).   Once we have assessed the problem, if we can't fix it right then, we'll try to give you our best guess as to when the issue will be resolved.


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