Warning: Due Dates Are Closer Than They Appear

Need help with a research assignment? Now you can reserve a Research Consultation with a Reference Librarian for up to 30 minutes to help you find resources for your research paper and citations. To schedule a session, call 857-7303, email ddulaney@virginiawestern.edu, or stop by the 2nd floor of the Brown Library building.… Read the rest

What Can You Do About Banned Books?

Banned Books Week celebrates the freedom we have in the U.S. to express our opinions— even if the opinion might be considered unorthodox or unpopular. Unfortunately, not everyone has this right; there are currently many authors around the world who have been imprisoned, or whose lives have been threatened, because of their writings.… Read the rest

Library Tip of the Day #7

TIP #7 – We have bright and cheerful reading areas where you can chill-lax and read the newspaper or a popular magazine:

Brown Library currently subscribes to 94 newspaper, magazine and journal titles in print format.   Students can sit down and read these items between classes, and college employees can come relax during lunch breaks. 

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Library Tip of the Day #6

TIP #6 – We have a coffee shop on the main floor, study rooms on both floors, Ebooks, audiobooks, iPads, handheld GPS units, laptops, beautiful views of the mountains, and so many other wonderful things that we can’t tell you all of it:

The library is a happening place! 

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Library Tip of the Day #5

TIP #5 – You can get research help 24/7 through LRC Live Reference Service:

LRC Live is a great service for online research and search strategy assistance.  This service enables you and a library reference staff member to chat online and share online content in real-time, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! 

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