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eLearning & Instructional Technology

Getting Started Checklist

  • If you are a first time student you will need to login and find your username and create your password for the single sign on at MyVWCC. Once at this screen, please select Forgot Password. Follow the directions for setting up your password and then you will be able to login to your MyVWCC accounts, Blackboard, Student Information System (SIS) and Student email system.
  • Log in to your Blackboard account. Find the course in which you have enrolled on Blackboard. Make a list of the items you will need. Get those items. Go to the Bookstore if you need a textbook. Go to the library and get your library card.
  • Log on to your webmail account, and make sure it is working properly. Your username is the same as the one for Blackboard. Your password will be the same as the one you use for Blackboard.
  • Not everyone is ready for distance learning. Review the content about Student Online Readiness to help you determine your readiness for e-learning.
  • If you are a student who has never taken a distance learning course at VWCC, you must either attend the General Orientation session on the VWCC campus or complete the eLearning Online Orientation. The on-campus orientation is offered at the start of the fall semester. Two open lab sessions are available during the first week of fall, spring and summer semesters. In addition to the on-campus or online orientation, your instructor also posts some orientation activities in your course(s) on Blackboard. Usually, these activities are located under the section named Orientation on the course main menu bar. It is your responsibility for completing these activities before start working on the course.
  • It is recommended that students create a folder on their local computer for each course they are taking and save their assignments or important documents in the folder for that course. It is easier for you to find your files when you know exactly where they are saved and it is a great method for having backups of all of your work.
  • Students need to plan for at least one proctored activity during the semester. Students can take exams at a testing center located away from the VWCC campus. In addition to the Testing Center on the campus, VWCC also offers an additional testing site at the Franklin Center. For detailed information, please visit this link. If you live outside Virginia or outside the VWCC service area, you need to contact the instructor before classes begin to inform your instructor that you need to have your exams proctored at a facility outside of the VWCC service area. This will give the student and the instructor enough time to complete paperwork before the first exam. Once you have contacted the instructor, you will need to complete the proctor form which is available under Student Resources in Blackboard course menu. Next you will take it to the instructor-approved proctor who will complete the form, sign it and then the proctor (not you) will send it back to the instructor. Click here to download the Proctor Request form (PDF). If you have any course related questions, please contact your instructor. For technical or login problems, please email .
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