How to Add an Event to the Faculty & Staff Calendar

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To add an event to the Faculty & Staff Events Calendar, you must first be logged in to the calendar with your Virginia Western username and password.

An event on the Faculty & Staff Events Calendar should be an event that’s limited to faculty and staff interest only. Non-Virginia Western employees cannot access this calendar, so student and community events should not be posted here. Students events should be submitted to the Student Events Calendar, and community/public events should be submitted to the Community Events Calendar.

  1. At the top of the calendar, click Request Event. You will be taken to a form with 5 sections: Categories & Keywords, Event Details, Location & Time, Contact Information, and Pictures & Attachments.

Categories & Keywords

  • To add a Campus Event, pick the Campus Event category. This will be displayed on the public calendar once it is approved.
  • To add Office Hours, or any other booking that is not a Campus Event, pick the category Office Hours & Room Reservations. This will reserve the space but it will not display on the public calendar on the college web site.

Event Details

  1. Enter your Event Name.
  2. Enter a Summary of what your event is. Please make sure it is descriptive enough for someone who is not familiar with the event to know what it is.
  3. If desired, add a Full Description. The difference between the Full Description and the Summary is that you can format text and add links and pictures to the Full Description.

Note: Anything you put in the Summary or Full Description field will be publicly viewable! Do not use this area to ask for setup details.

Location & Time

Important: Before you choose your location, choose your date and time. This will help you find only locations that are available.

  1. In the Choose by dropdown, choose “Date & Time”.

    Choose by Date & Time
  2. Using the calendar, choose a date by clicking on the number.
  3. Choose your start time by clicking on the time. A blue box will appear. Click and drag the bottom edge of the box until you reach your end time. Alternatively, you can double-click anywhere on the blue area and enter the start and end times in the pop-up window or use the associated drop-down selections.

    Choose a timepopup time entry
  4. If needed, use the tools available to schedule something that recurs weekly or for multiple days. There is also a check mark for All Day, and an option to not advertise the end time of the event. You do not need to fill out anything else in the right-hand section, and if your request starts and ends on the same day, you can skip this step and continue to Step 5 to select the location(s). For instance, if your request spans multiple days, or needs to be repeated, say every Tuesday and Thursday, click on Multiple Day Options, which will bring up a pop-up window:
multiple day options
Multiple Day Options

For example, to book a space for three continuous, Consecutive days, starting at 4PM on the first day and ending at 5PM on the third day, you would edit the page to look something like the image above. If you want repeat reservations on Non-Consecutive days, select the appropriate button, and you will be able to pick specific days to book the space. Click the Save button to save your choices, and you will be returned to the previous screen.

  1. Once you have chosen your time, use the Location Search button to search for your location. Another screen will pop up to show you all available locations, organized by building. Check the box next to the room you’d like to reserve and click the Save button.

    Calendar room locations
  2. If you choose a room that has multiple options for table setup (such as the Natural Science Center), choose the layout you would like to use. Please note that you have to separately enter the details of any setup instructions, custom layouts etc. into the FMS Asset Essentials Work Order system as that is the system of record for FMS Work Orders. If you do not have access to that system you might need to ask someone else in your Department/Division to enter it for you.

    Choose a layout
  3. Add any additional notes about setup to the Location Setup Notes, number of attendees, and Location Features fields. Do not worry about the Total Costs box.

Contact Information

Enter the name, phone number, and email address for the person who should be contacted about this event and the room setup.

Pictures & Attachments

Use this area to upload an image or a file to attach to the event. This could be something like a photo, a logo, or a PDF flyer.

Submit the Form

When you are finished, click the Submit button. Your event will need to be approved before it will show on the calendar. You will receive an email with either an approval or denial.