Setting up a Shared Drive on your Virtual Desktop

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To set up a shared drive on your virtual desktop:

  1. Start your VMware Horizon Client, but do not click to connect to a server. Click the drop-down at the top right corner of the screen and choose Configure data sharing….
    VMWare Configure Data Sharing
  2. Click On to enable Data sharing mode, then click OK.
    VMware Data Sharing Config
  3. Connect to your virtual desktop server as your normally do, but do not enter your desktop. Right click the Windows 10 box and choose Settings.
    VMWare Windows 10 Settings
  4. Choose Sharing on the left, then the Add button. Choose any laptop folder or jump drive to add it to the share list, then click the Ok button.
    VMware Sharing Settings
  5. Continue to connect to your desktop as you normally do. You will see your shared drive as an addition drive in the Windows File Explorer.
    Vmware File Explorer