MyVWCC MFA with a Pictograph (Dual Enrollment Students)

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How to set up your pictograph

  1. Go to
  2. Click the MyVWCC link at the top.
  3. Enter your Username and click GO.
  4. Enter your Password and click GO.
  5. The Pictograph Authentication screen will open.
    Pictograph for multi-factor authentication
  6. Click the icon that you want to use as your authentication picture when you log in.
  7. Once you select your picture, you will be shown a confirmation screen.
    Pictograph confirmation screen
  8. If the image you selected appears on your screen, click GO.

What will you see the next time you log in to MyVWCC?

  1. Enter your username and click Go.
  2. Enter your password and click Go.
  3. Click the image you selected during the above steps.
  4. The myVWCC Applications screen will load once you select the correct image.

What if I don’t know my username or password for MyVWCC?

Click here for instructions for finding your username and/or password.

What if I already enrolled in another MFA method?

If you have already enrolled in another MFA method it will be set as your backup MFA method on March 1, 2022.

What if I have questions?

If you have questions about these steps or need help during the process, please contact the VWCC Help Desk at 540-857-7354, by email at or in person at the Business Science Building (M273).