Rosters with DEV ENG History Report

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To access a roster with DEV ENG History Report, you must be logged into MyVWCC and inside the Student Information System.

  1. In the top right corner, click the Home link. This will take you to the VCCS College page.
  2. In the Student Records box, scroll down until you find VWCC Placement Dev ENG and click the link.
  3. If you have used the system before, enter your Run Control ID and select Search. If you have not used the system previously, click on the Add a New Value tab.
    1. On the next screen, create a Run Control ID and select Search. Use a Run Control ID you can remember, such as “vw” followed by your department or initials.
  4. Enter the specific course information you would like included in the report. You must enter information into the top three fields. The bottom fields are optional. Then click Run.
    DEV ENG Roster Search
    • Required information:
      • Academic Institution: VW286
      • Term: Examples – For Spring 2017, use 2172; For Summer 2017, use 2173; For Fall 2017, use 2174
      • Subject: Enter the three letter subject code for the course you want to check the prerequisites for (such as PSY). This will show all developmental ENG prerequisites on the PSY courses you select.
    • Optional Information:
      • Catalog Number: The 3 digit catalog number (such as 200 for PSY 200)
      • Class Section: Enter the class section if you only want to pull one section of data
  5. Make sure USERID is PSUNX and click OK.
    User ID Illustration
  6. Click on the Process Monitor link.
    Process Monitor Link
  7. Click on Refresh until the Distribution Status says Posted. It may take several minutes depending on how many classes you run at one time.
    Refresh button
  8. Click on Details.
    Dev Eng Details link
  9. Click on View Log/Trace.
    Dev Eng Log/Trace link
  10. Click on the middle link that ends in .PDF.
    Dev Eng PDF link
  11. A PDF file will open, or you will be prompted to download it. The first few lines will look like this:
    Dev Eng PDF file