VWCC Guidelines for iPads

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General Narrative

iPads can be a popular tool among the user community for business purposes. They offer convenience and portability with a larger screen than a typical smart phone. They can be used for note taking, checking email and Zoom and other activities. 

Why an iPad?

Individuals may desire to use the iPad in combination with their Apple iPhone for business purposes. This is an acceptable practice at the college with sufficient business justification. Many employees check college email with their smartphone or tablet. This is also permissible following VCCS security standards. The scope of this guideline is for iPad use. End users must consider the implications of personal use as well as data sensitivity when requesting an iPad from the college. These guidelines are intended to outline supported practices for those who choose to utilize a VWCC iPad.  

Requesting an iPad

Requests for iPads should be submitted through a supervisor to the IET Help Desk with approval and justification for the business need. There will be an annual justification review for continued use. Individual departments may be required to fund the purchase of an iPad. An annual review of demands may facilitate a group purchase.

Cellular Service

The college does not provide cellular services for iPads. 

How to Return an iPad

  • All iPads issued by the college shall be returned to the IET Help Desk when circumstances require a return.
  • The college may require return of the device for security, compliance or inventory purposes. Upon notification, the user is responsible for promptly bringing in the device.
  • Devices may be reissued to others as long as they are supported. 
  • Upon return of a device for reissue or disposition, it will be promptly wiped of all data and reset to factory defaults.

Acceptable Use

  • iPads are governed by Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia Western and VCCS Acceptable Use Policies. These can be found on the college web site by searching for Acceptable Use Policies.
  • Sharing your Apple ID, password and unit serial number is prohibited.
  • In compliance with Governor’s Executive Order 24 and for potentially dangerous apps, IET will use Jamf (an iPad management tool) to block apps to ensure added security and compliance with state requirements.
  • iPads are the property of the college. Users may purchase apps through the Apple App Store, as long as they are not expressly forbidden to be installed on the equipment.
  • Sensitive Data or confidential data should not be stored on the device.
  • Personally identifiable information should not be stored on the iPad. Search the college web site using the term “personally identifiable information” for a definition.
  • The unit shall be configured with a screen lock. This can be a simple code or touch ID. Having this in place prevents access by unauthorized individuals in the event of loss or theft.
  • Backup of data on the device is the responsibility of the user.
  • Users of iPads have administrative access to the device. The user shall not make configuration changes to the device to circumvent management, security or compliance practices. Unauthorized software, hacking tools or games will not be installed on the device.

Mobile Device Management

  • Units are managed by Jamf, a cloud-based security management system for Apple devices. 
  • These units must be tracked for inventory purposes and also reset if lost or stolen.
  • Use of an iPad implies consent of these security mechanisms.

Privacy Disclaimer

Devices are Commonwealth of Virginia (COVA) owned thus privacy is not guaranteed.

Damage and Repairs

  • Should the equipment be lost, stolen or damaged through negligence outside of normal wear and tear, the user of the device may be considered responsible and may be asked to reimburse the college for the unit. Damage loss or theft should be reported immediately to the Help Desk.  Theft should also be reported to VWCC Campus Police immediately.
  • Any troubleshooting or repair work should be reported to the IET Help Desk. Third-party repairs are not authorized on VWCC owned equipment.