Word Basics Office 365 (Windows)

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You can access this training through Infobase: Learning Cloud on MyVWCC. The following topics are covered.

A. Getting Started

  • What you will learn
  • Create a new Document, Save and Close
  • Open an Existing Document
  • View and Navigate Documents
  • Printing Options
  • Using the Tell Me Assistant

B. Enter and Edit Text

  • Insert New Text
  • Undo & Redo
  • Cut, Copy, Paste & Rearrange Text
  • Find & Replace Text

C. Format Text

  • Change Font, Font Size
  • Change Color, Clear Formatting, Change Case
  • Text Styles
  • Adjust Line Spacing
  • Change Paragraph Alignment
  • Create Columns
  • Format Painter

D. Format Pages

  • Add headers, Footers and Page Numbers
  • Line & Page Breaks
  • Create Sections
  • Change Page Size, Margins, & Orientation
  • Borders & Shading

E. Bulleted and Numbered Lists

  • Create a bulleted or numbered list
  • Edit a bulleted or numbered list

F. Tables

  • Insert a table
  • Insert, Delete, and Move Rows, Columns and Cells
  • Format a Table

G. Graphics and Images

  • Insert and Format a Picture
  • Add Icons (new in 2019)
  • Insert a Shape

H. Proofing

  • Autocorrect and Proofing Preferences
  • Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Using the Thesaurus

I. Customization

  • Using and Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Using Key Tips

J. Accessibility (new in 2019)

  • Accessibility Checker
  • Microsoft Learning Tools
  • Immersive Reader: Text Spacing, Column Width, Line Focus
  • Immersive Reader: Colors and Read Aloud
  • Dictate: Speech Recognition

K. Collaboration & Sharing

  • Collaborate in the Cloud
  • Insert, Edit, Delete Comments
  • Track Changes
  • Password Protection
  • Emailing your Document