IET Password Reset Portal (yes, there’s an app for that!)

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What is it?

Have you ever been locked out of your VWCC email or your work computer because you typed in the wrong password too many times? Has this happened when you are out of town or during a holiday break when you can’t call the Help Desk to reset it? Don’t worry – help is on the way!  IET has launched a new web portal, which will let you reset your expired VWCC email password or unlock your VWCC email account without having to call anyone.

What does it mean to you?

You can now reset your VWCC email password (which will also reset your VWCC desktop/laptop computer password) using the new Password Reset Portal on the web or the matching iOS or Android app.  All you have to do is to enroll before your password expires at the portal by entering the responses to two predefined security questions of your choice.  Once you are registered, you can change your password or unlock your account on your own without having to call the Help Desk.

Enrollment is quick and easy, do it now!  Go to for details and the link to the portal.  If you haven’t registered by next Monday you will get an email with instructions.

Call or email the Help Desk if you have any questions.