Laptop/IT Peripheral Hardware Physical Inventory

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What is it

In preparation for system-wide audits, IET is required to verify the college’s laptop and IT peripheral hardware inventory. Laptop users will be required to bring their laptop in to the Help Desk for this verification and will be required to sign a laptop assignment form. The initial verification¬† will require certification of serial numbers and asset tags and should be a very quick process. To save time, you can fill out the required form and bring it with you. Please contact the Help Desk if you have questions.

Why are we doing it

This verification will let us certify the location of the device and confirm that proper security updates are being received and that antivirus software is properly configured. VCCS and APA (Auditor of Public Accounts) audit standards require us to ensure these essential protective security measures are operational on all Commonwealth of Virginia devices. In the event that any remediation is required, a service request will be created to schedule it at your convenience. In addition, users may also request an upgrade to their system memory and/or update of the operating system to the latest versions. More information on these options will be available at the Help Desk.