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Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Review Board

The purpose of the Virginia Western Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to ensure, both in advance and by periodic review, that appropriate steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of humans participating as subjects in research studies conducted by or with Virginia Western Community College employees or students or on Virginia Western campuses.

The IRB does not assume the role of evaluating the soundness of the proposed research study, the merits of the research design, nor the potential contribution of the research to the scholarly literature. The IRB is charged with evaluating each project's compliance with ethical standards in regard to issues such as informed consent, confidentiality, and any risk to the participants.

Handbook materials reviewed and updated October 2019.

Institutional Review Board Overview

IRB Introduction and Overview

IRB Principles

Researchers: Getting Started

Step 1: Is it research on human subjects?

Step 2: Understand your responsibilities and the IRB approval process.

Step 3: Submit documentation of your training on Human Subjects Protection.

Step 4: Complete and submit your IRB Application.

Step 5: Submit all other required materials to , including:

Step 6: WAIT to get approval before starting your research.

Researchers: Later Steps

What if I need to change my research procedures?

What if unexpected things happen? (Definition of adverse/unanticipated events)

What if my approval will expire before my research is entirely done?

FINAL STEP: Complete the Close Out Report at the end of your research.

IRB Members

IRB Membership, Responsibilities, Conflict of Interest

IRB Review Processes

IRB Criteria for Approval

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