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About the Educational Foundation

The Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation, Inc. is an independent not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to:

  • Enhancing community awareness of the Community College Access Program.
  • Securing private and public funds for student scholarships, faculty development, and capital projects.
  • Providing prudent fiscal management of monies and properties submitted to the Educational Foundation.

Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation 2014 Form 990 (PDF)

Mission Statement

Separate from the College, but committed to expand upon the College's accomplishments and to help it realize its fullest potential in the years to come, the Educational Foundation is governed by a board of directors that supports the College's educational initiatives through annual and capital programs. Our mission is to foster life-long relationships that build advocacy and support for Virginia Western.

Privacy Policy

The Virginia Western Educational Foundation, Inc. will not sell, trade or share donor's personal or contact information with any other organization. Donor names may be published in Virginia Western Educational Foundation communication materials and media, unless a donor chooses for his/her name not to be listed and so notes in writing to the Virginia Western Educational Foundation.

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