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Audit Request Form

Students who are not in a program of study and who are taking a class for personal satisfaction may audit classes. To do so, they register as a regular student and pay full tuition. Once the class has started, they will need to fill out an Audit Request Form. These are available in forms drawer in the division office and should be returned to the division office for the Dean's signature. These forms must be completed within the add/drop period for the session.

Field Trips

It is fine for you to take your class on a field trip, but first a field trip request form must be completed. These are available in the division office or can be downloaded and should be turned in one week before the trip occurs. For in-class trips, these forms are approved in the division office, but the Vice President must approve out of class trips. These forms involve having a release form signed by every student that is going on the trip. No student should be allowed to go on the trip unless a release has been signed and turned in to the division office. This is for your legal protection and protection of the college.

Taking a field trip without having signed releases and approval is a serious issue. A field trip can be as simple as having your students go to Starbucks on Colonial at the end of class. Anytime you leave campus with a class, you must have the field trip form completed.

Student Accommodations Forms

If a student has a documented disability, they may be allowed specific accommodations. The student will receive a purple form from REACH/Student Support Services that they will bring to you. Please encourage students to get this to you as soon as possible so that you have sufficient time to arrange the appropriate accommodations. If you have questions regarding the accommodation sheets, please contact Rachelle Koudelik-Jones.

Incomplete Forms

If an incomplete grade of I is being awarded for a semester, there is an incomplete form available in the division office that needs to be filled out. The student receiving the I grade should sign the sheet if possible. A copy of the incomplete form should be turned in to the division office with your grades and a copy should be kept in your files.

Drop/Add forms

Students who need to drop or add a course can get a copy of the form in the division office.


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