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Fall Semester classes online (live scheduled class meetings through Zoom or self-directed) and in-person labs and clinical classes. Click here for class schedule.
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The VWCC campus is closed until further notice. Updates will be provided as soon as possible. More info.

Faculty & Staff

Adjunct Offices

Locations of available adjunct offices depend on your School. Please refer to the correct School below! Faculty will be provided with a key to access the rooms. Each office is equipped with work stations, at least one computer with a printer, and a telephone. Please ensure the office door is closed and locked when you leave.

If you prefer to use one adjunct office over another, please notify the School office so that a printer preference may be established by IET.

Business, Technology & Trades

An adjunct faculty office is available in Webber Hall and/or the Business Science Building.

Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Art Faculty offices are located in H213B (857-6382). This space includes a Mac computer and telephone. Flat files are provided in H219 to store student work.

All other faculty offices are located in D100 (857-6352), H121D (857-7258), and H219 (857-6005). An email will be sent out at the beginning of each semester telling you when sign-up sheets have been posted at the faculty workstations.

A limited amount of storage space for student work and teaching materials is available in file drawers in D100. A file drawer will be assigned at your request.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

The following adjunct faculty offices are available for use:

Anderson Hall (Math faculty)
  • Room A207-A
  • Room A216
  • Room A220
  • Room A220-A
  • Room A228
  • Room A232
  • Room A232-A
  • Room A236
  • Room A236-A
Center for Science & Health Professions (Science faculty)
  • Room HP334