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Adobe Connect: Meeting Room Layouts

In a Adobe Connect meeting, a layout is a specific arrangement of display panels called pods. Instructors are the Adobe Connect meeting hosts who have the rights to manage the meeting layout.  There are three prebuilt meeting room layouts: Sharing, Discussion, and Collaboration.

Sharing: The Sharing layout contains all of the pods to quickly and easily share with meeting attendees a presentation, a video, a screen, or application from your computer, and any other content. The Sharing layout contains the following pods which are on the Stage and available to all attendees: Share, Camera and Voice, Attendee List, Chat, and Note.

Sharing Layout

Discussion: In the Discussion layout, the Chat, Discussion Notes, and Poll pods take center stage to facilitate discussion in a meeting. The Discussion pod contains the following meeting room pods: Attendee List, Camera and Voice, Chat, Discussion Notes, Note, Poll, and Share.

Discussion Layout

Collaboration: The Collaboration layout contains the pods that you use to work interactively with other meeting attendees: the Whiteboard, Chat, and File Sharing pods. It also contains the following meeting room pods: Camera and Voice, Attendee List, Chat, Note, and Screen Sharing.

Collaboration Layout

Attendee List: Displays a list of everyone who is logged into the meeting, showing name, role, and status. Use it to manage bandwidth, attendance, and audio conference features.

Share: Displays room content (Microsoft PowerPoint slides, Macromedia Adobe Connect Presentations, SWF files, JPEG files, or FLV files), whiteboard pages, whiteboard overlay and shared windows, desktop, or applications.

Note: Displays a static text message created by a presenter.

Poll: Lets presenters poll meeting participants and view the results.

Camera and Voice: Lets hosts, presenters, and participants broadcast live audio and video to meeting attendees

Chat: Lets participants exchange text messages.

File Sharing: Lets presenters distribute files to meeting participants.

Web Link: Lets presenters force participants to browse to specific websites.

Q & A: Lets a host or presenter moderate questions sent from the participant Chat pod.

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