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Adobe Connect: General Information

Adobe Connect is a highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-use program that allows instructors and students to communicate through a microphone and/or a keyboard in real-time. Since communication among teachers and students is vital in education regardless of the format of a course (through distance learning or face-to-face), instructors across the globe, as well as here at Virginia Western, are highly encouraged to take advantage of the communication technology available to them.

How It Works

Instructors are registered Adobe Connect users and have the ability to set up a secure virtual meeting to meet with students on the Internet. Once instructors have taken the appropriate steps to set up a Adobe Connect meeting, they will receive a Web address (URL) on Adobe Connect’s VWCC server. The URL will look something like this: http://live.virginiawestern.edu/… The Web address points instructors, as well as their students, to the virtual “space” where the Adobe Connect meeting resides. Thus, instructors and their students will enter the “space” through this online address. Instructors may also incorporate this address into their Blackboard course so that students already in Blackboard can enter the virtual meeting by simply clicking the Adobe Connect link.

Adobe Connect Meeting Roles

There are three roles for Adobe Connect meeting attendees: Host, Presenter, and Participant. Each role has different rights in a meeting.

Hosts: This role allows you to set up a meeting, invite guests, add content, and design your meeting area. You can promote other participants to be hosts or presenters and you can switch to preparation mode where you can create or edit the layout of your virtual meeting room.

Presenters: This role allows you to show content already loaded in the library or share content that’s on your own desktop. You can chat, answer questions, and broadcast live audio and video.

Participants: This role enables you to view and hear live broadcasts as well as view all content displayed. You can also have your own audio and video provided that the host grants you permission. All students automatically enter as Participants in a Adobe Connect Meeting.

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