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Adobe Connect: Ending a Meeting

  1. At the end of your meeting, select Meeting > End Meeting.

    Meeting Menu
  2. Participants will see the window below. You can change the default text message.

    End Meeting Box
  3. Click OK. The participants will see the following page. Note: Ending a meeting will lock out the meeting host, presenter, and participants from the meeting room. The meeting host must reopen the meeting room in order to let other participants enter.

    Meeting Ended Page
  4. In order to enter the meeting room, the meeting host needs to login to the Adobe Connect account and find the link of the meeting room by clicking the Meetings button in the menu.
  5. Once the meeting host entered the meeting room, he/she will see a Stop Meeting icon (red button) displays on the right hand corner of the menu. If participants navigate to the meeting room URL, they are prompted to log in, and then they receive the custom message you set. They are automatically logged in as soon as you open the meeting.

    Meeting on Hold
  6. To reopen this meeting room, do one of the following:

    Click Meeting on the menu bar, and from the pop-up menu, deselect Put Meeting On Hold. This removes the check mark showing that the meeting was placed on hold. The Stop Meeting icon disappears from the top of the window, and the meeting room opens for participants to enter.

    Hold Meeting Menu

    Or move the cursor over the Stop Meeting icon at the top of the meeting room, and from the pop-up menu that appears, select Start Meeting. The Stop Meeting icon disappears from the top of the meeting room, and the meeting room opens for attendees to enter.

    Start Meeting
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