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Office of Disability Services

Accommodation Access Plans (AP): Understanding the Process

Some students may have had an IEP/504 plan during High School. This plan followed you throughout your High School career and identified the accommodations your teachers/school were expected to provide you. Whether you were accommodated in high school or not, in College you (the student) are expected to request your accommodations and inform those instructors of your choosing. Perhaps it is only one instructor, perhaps it will be all of them. Planning ahead, starting early, and making a connection with your instructor(s) is key to ensuring you are successfully accommodated in college.

An Accommodation Access Plan (also known as a "Purple Form") is developed after you have submitted documentation of your diagnosis to ODS. This form identifies you and lists the specific accommodations you are requesting for your classes. On your Access Plan, please be sure to select which accommodations apply, per class, and sign/date your AP prior to giving the form to your instructor.

Please note: An AP can be amended, based on documentation. Please connect with an ODS Counselor to discuss: or 540-857-7286

Below is the process a student would follow to access their accommodations.

Step 1: REQUEST your Accommodation Access Plan(s)

Accommodation Access Plans must be requested each semester and for each instructor of your choosing. Students are strongly encouraged to make this request early in the semester.

  • Email: at least 1 business day (24 hours) prior to picking them up in ODS. 
  • Include the number of copies you'll need for the upcoming semester.

Distance Learning/Online Students: Please request your Access Plan(s) as noted above. A PDF version of your AP will be sent to your VCCS email address for you to distribute to your online instructors.

Step 2: DELIVER your Accommodation Access Plan(s) to your Instructor(s)

Delivering your Access Plan to your instructor is the best opportunity for you to discuss your academic and learning needs. Consider delivering your Access plan to your instructor during their office hours, early in the semester, where you can have a quiet and private conversation about your needs. You are not required to disclose your disability to the instructor, but many students find it helpful to use this opportunity to discuss how they learn best or what aspects of learning might be difficult for them.

Distance Learning/Online Students: You must still connect with your instructor to deliver (electronically), discuss, and ensure your Access Plan has been received.

Step 3: RETURN your Accommodation Access Plan(s) to ODS

After your instructor has signed your AP, they often will give the plan back to you to return to ODS. Some instructors sign the AP and return it to ODS themselves. Either way, please be sure your signed and approved plan makes its way back to ODS. Additionally, a signed and returned Access Plan allows ODS to advocate on your behalf should there be questions or concerns about your accommodations

Distance Learning/Online Students: Please be sure your Access Plan has been signed by your instructor and returned to ODS.

For those students receiving testing accommodations in ODS, those signed and returned Access Plans allow you to schedule your tests online.

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