Grading Changes for Spring 2020

Virginia Community College System (VCCS) had made emergency policy changes for Spring Semester 2020 only to help the colleges and our students. The changes and what you need to do are listed below.

Withdrawal Deadline

  • The Withdrawal deadline has been extended to May 8, 2020 for all but 4W3 classes. The withdrawal deadline for 4W3 classes is April 17.
  • To withdraw from a class up until the deadline, students will go into the Student Information System through MyVWCC and withdraw from the class. This process is the same as it has been in the past with the exception of the deadline. Instructions on how to do this can be found at
  • Guidance for students on Withdrawals:
    • A “W” grade does not count towards a student’s GPA but does appear on their Virginia Western transcript.
    • A class with a “W” grade does not count towards graduation requirements.
    • If a student is on financial aid, a “W” grade could impact future financial aid. Please note that the financial aid office will approach all appeals (impacts) with leniency and expedited turn around during this time.
    • Students are only allowed to repeat a class three times. A “W” grade counts as one of these repeats.

Grading Scale

The default grading scale for spring semester will be the P+, P-, W scale.  Unless a student opts for the A-F grading scale, faculty will use the default grading scale. The “WC” grade will be treated the same as a “W” grade. The WC is only being used because our technology does not allow us to add the “W” to the final grade roster.

P+Pass with a grade of “C” or higherApplies to college transfer and technical education courses. A grade of P+ will not impact a student’s GPA. A grade of P+ will transfer.
P-Pass with a grade of “D”Applies to college transfer and technical education courses. A grade of P- will not impact a student’s GPA. A grade of P- will count towards Virginia Western graduation but will not transfer.
WWithdrawA student-initiated withdrawal through the revised deadline of May 8, 2020
WCWithdraw/COVID-19A faculty member may award a WC for a student who did not initiate the withdrawal or did not pass.
IIncompleteThe faculty member and student may agree to a plan to complete remaining course requirements. The College has waived the requirement that students must complete 60% of course competencies and attendance requirements in order to receive a grade of Incomplete. The College has also agreed to allow students up to two semesters to complete the requirements for the course.

Guidance for Faculty on using the grading scale

  • P+ = an A-C grade
  • P- = a D grade
  • WC is to be used for any student not earning at P+ or P-. There is no “F” grade on this grading scale.


  • The regular paperwork must be completed when giving an “I” grade.
    • It is extremely important that this paperwork be completed thoroughly so that we know what has been completed, what is left to be completed, and where each student stands grade-wise when the “I” is given.
    • If the whole class is impacted, it just needs to be completed once for the class.
    • If individual students are impacted, but not the whole class, only complete it for those students.
  • The 60% of work requirement has been waived. However, students should have participated in what has been offered thus far to receive an “I”. If they have not participated then the “WC” is appropriate — that is unless an entire class was unable to be conducted, then use the “I”.
  • Students will have until the last day of classes for fall semester to complete this incomplete.
  • Students planning to graduate this spring who elect for an incomplete grade in a course will graduate at the end of the semester that all coursework is completed.

Using the Standard A-F Grading Scale

Students may opt for the standard A-F grading scale. Please do not erase this from your Canvas shell.

An assignment will be added by the College to all Canvas shells that gives students the opportunity to select the A-F scale. This assignment will not count toward their grade for the class but is simply designed to give them the opportunity to select the A-F option. The option will be the only question on the assignment. If they select the A-F option:

  • They must do so by May 8, 2020. A deadline of May 8 will be included on the assignment.
  • They may only do this once. Once it is done, they have selected the option and can’t change it. They will receive a grade on the A-F scale rather than the COVID-19 P+/P-/W scale above. The assignment will be set up so it can only be completed once.
  • Guidance on when they might want to consider this option:
    • If they are transferring to UVA, an out-of-state college, or a private college that has not agreed to accept the P+ grade in transfer. Please have them check with their transfer institution in making this decision. Please note that when a course transfers, it only transfers for the course credit and does not impact a student’s GPA at the transfer institution.
    • If they are a veteran and are concerned about the impact of a “W” on benefits. Please contact Michele Hilts for advising.
    • If they are trying to raise their GPA for graduation or academic standing purposes.
    • If they simply want a letter grade.

Please note that your grade roster will have both the P+ scale and the A-F scale available as options. Please be very careful to select the correct scale for each student based on their grade scale selection. The P+ scale should be the default unless they have specifically selected the A-F scale.