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There are several scholarships available that can be used in combination with other grants if additional assistance is needed. Our Career Navigators will help you determine which funding options are best for you.

Roanoke City Scholarship

The Roanoke City Scholarhip is available for any CCT credential class. You must be a Roanoke City resident under 300% of the poverty line (see income chart below).

Tobacco Commission Scholarship

The Tobacco Commission Scholarship provides funding for 50% of student tuition responsibility for residents of Southside Virginia region. See if you live in an eligible area:

Programs approved for funding August 2019-August 2020:

  • CDL
  • C.N.A
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Machining
  • Manufacturing
  • Welding: FCAW/GMAW

Workforce Credentials Scholarship

The Workforce Credentials Scholarship supports students applying for educational assistance (tuition, books and fees) due to life circumstances affecting their ability to fund their own education, including but not limited to Dislocated Workers, Dislocated Military, Dislocated Homemakers, Unemployed/Underemployed, Dislocated due to Medical Condition/Disability, Independent Business Owners, or Income Eligible.

Some funding has income level eligibility.  Please review the income chart to see if your family qualifies.

Example: A Roanoke City resident that qualifies for the FastForward grant and is married with two kids with a combined income of under $75,300 could receive Roanoke City Scholarship assistance for the remaining 1/3 tuition.

Income Chart

Household size is based on how many individuals you claim on your taxes if you are over 24 years old. Find your household size and follow the row to see what the income level groups are.

Household Size > 100% 200% 250% 300% <
1 $12,140 $24,280 $30,350 $36,420
2 $16,460 $32,920 $41,150 $49,380
3 $20,780 $41,560 $51,950 $62,340
4 $25,100 $50,200 $62,750 $75,300
5 $29,420 $58,840 $73,550 $88,260
6 $33,740 $67,480 $84,350 $101,220
7 $38,060 $76,120 $95,150 $114,180
8 $42,380 $84,760 $105,950 $127,140


For More Information

For more information, contact a Career Navigator at 540-857-6076 or

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