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Financial Assistance for Non-Credit Training Resulting in Industry Credentials (FANTIC)

Fantastic Opportunities Made Possible with FANTIC

Short-term credential programs are now eligible for tuition assistance through FANTIC. The income guidelines allow more students to apply for and receive assistance with the costs of obtaining in-demand industry credentials.

All FastForward approved programs are eligible for FANTIC. For a full list, go here.

Income Guidelines

Applicants must qualify for FastForward and demonstrate that their household adjusted gross income is 200% or below that of the national federal poverty level. Determined by the 2019 HUD Guidelines for Virginia:

Family Type Maximum Income Allowed
1 person $24,980
2 people $33,820
3 people $42,660
4 people $51,500
5 people $60,340
6 people $69,180


For more information

For full criteria, contact a Career Navigator:

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