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Thank you for your interest in attending a Virginia Western Community College School of Career and Corporate Training program/class. There is funding assistance available to reduce the cost of many of our programs through grants and scholarships. Not all programs/classes are approved for all of the following. Also, not all of the funds are managed by VWCC so the following list is meant to assist you in obtaining the most assistance possible to ensure your success. You may qualify for multiple forms of funding assistance!

Our Navigators are happy to help you determine what is the best match is for you. Just fill out the following information and we will contact you shortly!

See What Funding I May Qualify For

Please explore these options or contact one of the partners listed below:

Financial Assistance Programs


Short-term credential programs are now eligible for tuition assistance through FANTIC. The income guidelines allow more students to apply for and receive assistance with the costs of obtaining in-demand industry credentials.


Virginia created FastForward, a grant that will pay tuition to help Virginians and boost the economy. Through training and testing, you can earn industry-recognized credentials in a variety of fields including: healthcare, logistics, skilled trades, IT, and education.


As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and various initiatives currently being deployed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, we are in a very unique and historic position to offer free funding to students beyond the typical grants, scholarships and other financial aid.  This is free money to pay for college. It’s not a loan, and doesn’t have to be paid back.  These initiatives are meant to strengthen Virginia’s workforce in key areas while offering the means to Virginia residents who wish to straighten their career paths, bolster their skills, or increase their earning potential.

Click here to see if you qualify!


Through career assessments and screening, RSVP offers the supportive services and training to help make your dreams of self-sufficiency and a career which strong future job growth a reality.


There are several scholarships available that can be used in combination with these other grants if additional assistance is needed.

VA Ready

VA Ready is a newly established non-profit organization supporting out-of-work Virginians who commit to training for in-demand jobs so they can get back to work quickly.  If you are currently unemployed, you are eligible for become a VA Ready Scholar and receive a $1,000 Credential Achievement Award.

School of Career & Corporate Training Partners

Virginia Career Works manages several federal grants under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act for youth, adults, and dislocated workers. 540-613-8220

Goodwill Programs:
Goodcare Healthcare Program
GoodStart Re-Entry Program

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