Community College Access Program

Application for Current Program Participants

If you need assistance completing this application, please contact Carolyn Payne at or call 857-6371.

It is required that we have the most current telephone numbers and email address.

All fields are required unless otherwise indicated. Only complete this application if you attended Virginia Western Community College beginning Fall 2013 as a CCAP participant.

Current program application deadline is February 28, 2014.

Current Program Application

Applicant Information

A social security number is not required, but is highly recommended. If not given, access to some services will be limited, tax reporting information will not be available, and scholarship aid delayed. Even if you don't provide your SSN, you must provide an Emplid.


Same as Street Address



Parent or Guardian Information

Same as Street Address



Current Program

Botetourt County Craig County Franklin County City of Roanoke Roanoke County City of Salem

Summer Courses

Yes No

Less than 6 credits
6 credits
More than 6 credits

CCAP funds will only pay for a maximum of 6 non-developmental credits during the 2014 summer semester.


By checking each box below, I certify that my parent/guardian and I understand each item:

1. I have read and understand the rules, guidelines, and performance/accountability criteria for CCAP.

2. Based on the program I am applying for, I authorize Virginia Western Community College to release program information, photography, and any pertinent directory information to the media and/or Botetourt County, Craig County, Franklin County, City of Roanoke, Roanoke County, or City of Salem.

3. I understand that I must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and CCAP application annually so that a determination can be made regarding eligibility for financial assistance.
4. I understand CCAP is a private/public partnership, funded on a year-to-year basis, and is dependent upon the availability of program funds. If funding is available, and if all other program guidelines/criteria are satisfactorily met, CCAP will fund tuition fees needed if financial aid is not available or does not adequately cover tuition. CCAP covers the cost of tuition for up to two years. CCAP DOES NOT cover books, supplies, or room and board expenses.
5. I understand I must maintain the following cumulative GPA, based on the program for which I am applying:
  • Botetourt County = 2.5 GPA
  • Craig County = 2.5 GPA
  • Franklin County = 2.5 GPA
  • Roanoke City = 2.0 GPA
  • Roanoke County = 2.5 GPA
  • Salem City = 2.5 GPA
6. I understand if I enroll in the 2014 summer semester, I may take up to 6 credits and must pass these credits with the required cumulative GPA or greater to receive CCAP funds. If I do not pass these credits, I must reimburse the program for the amount issued for the summer semester and I will no longer be eligible to receive CCAP funds for the 2014 fall semester.
7. I understand CCAP will not pay for developmental courses beyond my first year, second semester.
8. I understand that I must maintain full-time enrollment in a specific program of study - a minimum of 12 credit hours during each semester and not more than 15 credit hours during each semester - pass all coursework, receive the required cumulative GPA, and successfully complete any developmental coursework attempted. If I do not do so in any given semester, I will no longer be eligible for CCAP and must reimburse the program for the amount issued for tuition during that semester.
9. I understand that if I am taking the maximum 15 credit hours and decide to drop back to 12 credit hours, I must drop the credits by the college's last date to drop for a refund. If I drop back to 12 credit hours after the last date to drop for a refund, I must reimburse the program for the credits dropped by the end of that semester. If I do not reimburse the program by the end of that semester, I will no longer be eligible for CCAP in future semesters.
10. I understand that I may be asked to attend a recognition ceremony, and that I must attend if scheduled.
11. I understand CCAP has a community service component that I must complete.
11. I authorize employees of Virginia Western Community College to review my transcript as needed to confirm program eligibility.
12. I understand that if the information provided on this application is found to be inaccurate, I may be ineligible to participate in CCAP.

Before submitting, print a copy of the finished application for your records. Only click "submit application" once.


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