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November 4, 2013

You are Invited! 2013 Employee Awards Ceremony

All employees are cordially invited to attend the 2013 Employee Awards Ceremony to be held on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 2 p.m. in the Whitman Theater.

Come join in the camaraderie and celebrate with the recipients of the J. Andrew Archer Award, the Classified Outstanding Achievement Award, and with the following employees who are being honored for reaching a service milestone with state government:

5 years: Amy Balzer, Karen Carpenter, Mickey Catron, Betsy Collyer, Grady Hill, Hillary Holland, Amy Huffman, Carly Johnson, Chad Sartini, Dorrisa Williams

10 years: Nicole Bell, Annette Chamberlin, Kristel Clark, Richard Clark, Heather Harris, Sandra Holland, Ann Kakouras, Amy White, Dianne Williams, Kevin Witter

15 years:  Tommy Amos, Annemarie Carroll, Sarah Chitwood, Karin Cole, Karen Rayl, Jeffrey Strom, Debra Tyree, Gary Young

20 years:  Pamela Cunningham, Martha Richardson, Pamela Woody

25 years:  Brad Burkholder, Lynn Hurt

35 years:  Lorry Conklin

Mark your calendar so that you won’t miss this special day of celebration, food, and fun!  Did I mention surprises?