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October 11, 2013

SACS Follow-Up & Celebration

I just wanted to follow up on our SACS visit. It is rare that one can say that their accreditation visit was fun, but the last day of ours was. It was extremely positive and wonderful affirmation of the hard work and dedication that so many at the College have invested in the process and in the logistics of the visit. Our efforts were rewarded. Those efforts and the pain that we went through to get to this point were well worth it. The visiting team did look at our faculty credentialing files, our assessment reports, and our syllabi. All of these were asked for and reviewed. So thank you to all who worked so hard to submit this information. And thank you to the QEP teams that developed “Navigate.”

While impossible to thank everyone that contributed or participated, I wanted to take a moment to publically thank the IE Office of Rachelle, Carol, Sarah, and Jenifer. These four put countless hours into this project over an extended period of time. Their efforts made this success possible. I would also like to thank the Executive Staff for their support throughout the process.

Now, the caveat is that although this stage of the process is complete, SACS never ends. We will continue to complete yearly IE plans, collect assessments, and verify faculty credentials. All of these things need to be part of the fabric of what we do. It is also time to focus on implementing Navigate. I have to say that I was extremely proud of Virginia Western as I listened to the exit interview and recognized that we have chosen a QEP topic that can really make a difference for our students. We are truly a student-centered college.

As we move forward with Navigate and with making assessment a part of our culture, I think that it is important for us to stop for a moment and really celebrate. To do this, we are planning a party. Save the date of Friday, Nov. 1 from 3-5 PM for this celebration. We are planning to have a band and food. More details to come as we get closer. This is a great opportunity for us to come together as a campus, celebrate our success, and recognize that all of us were part of that success in some way or another. Virginia Western rocks so come rock with us on Nov. 1!