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August 16, 2013

Life Safety Information on Stairs, Corridors and Exits

Stairs: Stair towers are fire rated safety zones. Life Safety Codes prohibit placing furnishings or anything within required fire exit stair towers. Doors are either closed or held open by magnets which unlatch for door closure if the fire alarm is triggered. In Center for Science and Health Professions the west and north stair towers are required fire exit stairs. The east stair is a communication stair meant to facilitate the connection between levels. This stair is allowed to have some furnishings within its area as it is not a required fire exit.
Corridors: Corridors are designed for fire escape and must meet minimum code established widths without obstructions. It is only possible to put furnishings in a corridor if the exit pathway is not diminished and the articles are fire retardant. Furnishings in these locations cannot be moved or increased in size without causing problems. Improper temporary set-ups can violate the life safety code and cause dangerous safety situations. The college has some designated temporary set-up zones to comply with safety regulations.
Exits: Building exists to a ground level or lobbies are always considered a life safety exit. These exits cannot be blocked for any reason or purpose. They provide escape pathway from the building in an evacuation type emergency. These doors are easily identified by their panic push bar hardware. As an additional safety feature the hardware on VWCC exterior doors has also been replaced to prevent any locking of these doors by other methods other than the door key.