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May 3, 2013

We Are Western THANK YOU!!

As the semester wraps up, the Educational Foundation wants to reach out to our family and say THANK YOU for your participation in the 2013 We Are Western Employee Giving Campaign.

If we missed you yesterday, we'll catch you today. We're delivering our version of your mama's homebaked COOKIES (no, we didn't bake them) to say thank you and provide a pick-me-up for the end of exam week. Congratulations on all your hard work this year.

For those offices we delivered to yesterday, find the remaining cookie tray:

  • Anderson--in the Division Office
  • Business Science--in the Print Services kitchen
  • Brown--in the Learning Technology Center
  • Chapman--in the kitchen
  • Fishburn--in the President's Kitchen

If we miss you today, we'll leave the cookie trays in the division and administrative offices around campus, so make sure to stop by and get a treat, on us.

We Are Western and we are family!!