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April 24, 2013

Calendar Tips

When adding an event to the college's online calendar you can also select the following resources:

Campus Police/Police Assistance:

  • Reserve parking (see notes) - use this section to specify requested reserved parking. Please note that not all reserved parking requests can be accommodated.
  • Reserve parking NSC/Lot 1 - use this section to request reserved parking in the small lot at the end of Lot 1 closest to Winding Way.
  • Unlock doors - don't forget to select this option so Campus Police will know to unlock the door.
  • Other (please specify) - use this for any other requests for Campus Police.

IETS/Media/Technology Support:

  • Dedicated technician (may be a charge) - use this option if your event needs a technician on hand during the entire event.
  • Microphone (Whitman Theater only) - use this option if your event in Whitman Theater needs microphones other than the microphone on the podium.
  • Multi-Media Lectern - use this option if you will be using a multi-media lectern at any campus location and you need assistance to get started.
  • No technology needed - use this option to let the Media Geeks know that you do not require any assistance.
  • Please contact me for specific technical support - use this option if you are unsure what your technical needs will be yet know that you will need assistance from the Media Geeks.
  • Resources needed - use this option if you need additional support from the Media Geeks not listed above.

IETS/Help Desk:

  • Guest Wireless - use this to reqeust guest passwords for wireless Internet access for campus visitors.

 When you use the "I would like to request resources for my event" option you are helping Campus Police and Media Geeks schedule their personnel to best serve your needs.

Have questions, feedback, complaints or comments? Contact Tara Nepper at tnepper@virginiawestern.edu.