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December 10, 2012

Holiday Luncheon

Thank you to the wonderful members of the Holiday Luncheon Committee for a great event again this year!

  • Dana Asciolla
  • Amy Balzer
  • Joe Bear
  • Clark BeCraft
  • Becky Chauncey
  • Joe Collins
  • Jeffrey D. Demers
  • Jason Garnett
  • Sarah Grubb
  • Jordan Leet
  • Megan Lineberry
  • Rhonda Perdue
  • Richard Robers

The time we spend together serving is what truly makes a difference in the lives of others. We really are more than co-workers or friends here at Virginia Western, we are family. We are knitted together with a bond that makes us strong enough to weather the ups and downs that work and life throw at us. The commitment these individuals showed during the planning process, during setting up, decorating and cleaning up reveals their true passion – serving others. They go beyond themselves and find ways to improve the life of others and that dedication is invaluable to our students, community and campus family.

Through everyone's efforts our college family gave over $170 to the Roanoke Valley SPCA, over $790 to the family of Mariam Ndarugiriye, and over $250 to our own Office of Pregnant and Parenting Student Services! These cash and gift cards are in addition to the abundant donation of items given. Through your efforts and giving spirit you have improved the lives of others on campus and in our community.

Thank you again for making this day a fun, amusing, and relaxing beginning to the holiday season! I look forward to hearing your feedback and invite anyone interested to help on the committee next year. Below you will find the many fun Jib-Jab videos we enjoyed this year.

Happy Holidays!

Tara Nepper

We Are Western because We Are Family