Getting Started - Transfer Students

1. Apply to Virginia Western

Students transferring from another college must submit an application for admission.

There are three ways to apply to Virginia Western:

  • Review instructions and apply online.
  • Download the VWCC Application in PDF format. Return the completed application to the Virginia Western Admissions Office in Chapman Hall Rm 108, by fax at 540-857-6163 or by mail at:

    VWCC Admissions Office
    3094 Colonial Avenue SW
    Roanoke, VA 24015
  • Request a mailed application by contacting the Virginia Western Admissions Office at 540-857-7231.

You may also download the Application for In-State Tuition in PDF format.

In addition, transfer students should have official transcripts from all colleges previously attended submitted directly to the Admissions Office at the address above.

Please note that students who have attended another Virginia community college do not need to submit an official transcript from the community college when applying to Virginia Western.

Transfer students who are ineligible to return to a college previously attended will generally not be eligible to enroll at Virginia Western until at least one semester has elapsed. Special conditions will be imposed as deemed appropriate by the college.

2. Request Transcript Evaluation, if desired.

Students must initiate a formal request to have transcripts from other institutions evaluated for credit. A Request for Transcript Evaluation form (PDF) can be submitted to the Admissions Office. Only official transcripts will be evaluated.

Click here for more information about transcript evaluation.

3. File for Financial Aid

You can file for Financial Aid online or by filling out an application from the Financial Aid Office in Chapman Hall Rm 106. Refer to the Financial Aid site for more information.

4. Take your Placement Test

Placement testing is required of:

  • new students who are seeking a degree or entering a program of study
  • students planning to receive financial aid
  • students entering the first semester of mathematics or English courses (including transfer students who do not have credit in mathematics or English)

Placement tests are given in the college's Testing Center and no appointment is necessary. Refer to the Testing Center web site for hours of operation.

For more information and practice questions, see our Placement Testing page.

5. Meet with a New Student Advisor

New Student Advisors are available in Chapman Hall Rm 105 to help individuals on a first-come, first-served basis.

New students are highly encouraged to see a New Student Advisor in the Advising Center while currently enrolled students should see their Faculty or Program Advisor.

For more information on advising and registration, please see the Advising & Retention web site.

6. Select a Program of Study

It is important to select a program of study early if you intend to graduate from Virginia Western. In addition, all financial aid recipients are required to be placed in a curriculum to receive aid.

New Student Advisors are available to assist you in Chapman Hall Rm 105.

Explore VWCC Programs of Study

7. Register for Classes

You can register for classes online through MyVWCC. Instructions can be found in Navigate MyVWCC.

View the current class schedule

8. Pay for Classes

You can pay your tuition online through MyVWCC, in person, by mail, or through a payment plan. For more information, refer to the Tuition & Payment site.

9. Purchase your Books

The Bookstore is located on South Campus in Craig Hall, at the entrance of Duncan Hall. You can also purchase your books online through the Bookstore web site.

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