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High school student class registration is submitted through the high school guidance department.

Registration Steps

  1. Students should discuss with their guidance department their interest in registering for a dual enrollment class.
  2. Students must complete the Virginia Western Community College Application (on-line). A student identification number (EMPLID) will be assigned to the student when the application is complete.
  3. Students must complete Virginia Placement Testing before they can be registered for dual enrollment classes.
  4. Students must provide their testing results and their EMPLID (Student ID Number) to the high school guidance department.
  5. The high schools will submit the enrollment request to the college.

Drop/Withdrawal from a Dual Enrollment Class

Students may have the option of dropping a dual enrollment class without penalty during the first 20 days of the course. The college must be notified by the high school if they student chooses this option. The enrollment will be removed from the permanent record of the student. Students should follow-up the request by confirming that the drop has been completed through the MyVWCC student portal. Tuition will be refunded for dropped classes.

Students who elect to be removed from a dual enrollment class, and did not meet the end of the drop deadline may request a withdrawal from the class. Doing so will show a "W" on the college transcript. Tuition will not be refunded for students that withdraw from classes.

Class Withdrawal Information

Students who violate the attendance or participation guidelines for the course as of the withdrawal deadline will be reported to the Admissions Office and withdrawn with a grade of "W". Students who stop attending or participating in a course after the withdrawal deadline will receive a grade of "F". There will be no refund of tuition or reinstatement of the course.

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