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Register Students for Dual Classes

Students will need to apply to VWCC before they can register for a dual class.

You will probably be responsible for collecting dual enrollment fees from your students when classes begin. Student fees are determined by your local superintendent’s office. Students pay for their dual classes at their high school and not at Virginia Western. In fact, the College does not accept dual enrollment fees directly from high school students.

During the first two weeks of school, a class roster for each class you are teaching is developed for you by your school.  Some of these classes may be designated as exclusively for dual enrolled students, while other classes may contain both dual enrolled and non-dual enrolled students. 

To register students for dual enrollment status, you must record each student’s EMPLID next to each dual student’s name on your class roster.  They receive their EMPLID when they apply.

Students whose names appear on a class roster, but do not have an EMPLID number appearing next to their name cannot be registered by VWCC for the class.  Instructors are advised NOT to put any student’s EMPLID on their dual roster who has not paid his/her dual fees to the school.

Note: Some students may take more than one dual enrolled class each semester. So, some students may be on several dual rosters for several teachers and for several courses.

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