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For dual enrollment instructors who wish to teach a college-level, transfer course(s), a listing of those courses in each content area is available in the college catalog.

For career and technical education instructors who wish to teach a dual enrolled course, refer to the list of programs of study in the college catalog.

Once a college course(s) has been decided upon, the instructor or the school principal should contact Dr. Beard at or 857-7235, so the course can be added to the schedule of classes.


Virginia Western Community College recommends that the dual enrollment class use the same textbook as the one used by the College; however, recognizing the expense involved in this recommendation, the College permits schools to use "comparable" textbooks which cover the same topics.

Developing a Course Syllabus

Essential to the educational experience of the dual enrollment student is the recognition that the student will be taking a college-level course (s), and, as a result, the content of the course must be based on instructional criteria mandated by the content of its on- campus counterpart. Thus, all dual enrollment courses must adhere to the instructional criteria established by each academic division for each course offered by the College as established through the Virginia Community College System’s curriculum guide.

Dual enrollment instructors may request a sample copy of a course syllabus from the Dean of their academic division at the College for the course they intend to teach, or they contact who will try to secure copies for them.

The following information contains guidelines for writing a course syllabus which was approved for adoption by Division Chairs in November 2001, and which became effective for summer 2002. Once again, to insure compliance with SACS criteria and the VCCS curriculum guide, the following instructional criteria must be adhered to by dual enrollment teachers:

  • A Course Syllabus, which includes the following information:
    • Name of Instructor.
    • Name of High School.
    • Semester the course is to be taught (Fall, Spring or Both).
    • Course title and number (for both high school-level and college-level courses).
    • Instructor's phone number.
    • Instructor's e-mail address.
    • Office hours (for adjunct faculty teaching on VWCC campus only).
  • A Course Description, which incorporates the course description from the VWCC college catalog along with other comments that the instructor wishes to make about the course. For a description of each course offered by the College, please visit the college catalog.
  • A summary of Course Prerequisites, which appear in the same area as the course description in the VWCC college catalog and which refers to the course(s) a student must complete prior to enrolling in a particular course.
  • A listing of the Textbook and Required Materials for a particular course, which is available through each academic division office — more about textbooks later.
  • A summary of Academic Policies, which will include:
    • Make up testing policy for students.
    • Late work policy for students.
    • Attendance policy for students.
    • Grading Scale for students -- Virginia Western Community College and the Virginia Community College System do not have an established grading scale for use by instructors. Typically, dual enrollment instructors use the grading scale used in their individual high schools. If you use a different grading scale, you must inform your students of the grading scale and how it differs from the one being used in the school.
    • A policy on ACADEMIC DISHONESTY, PLAGIARISM, AND THE CONSEQUENCES OF BOTH. The following examples are offered as a reference regarding VWCC’s policy and are intended as a reference only. If your school system has policies regarding academic dishonesty, plagiarism, and disciplinary consequences of either or both, you should include those in your syllabus.
  • A Summary of course goals and objectives including the various learning outcomes or results specific to a particular course.
  • An outline of the various topics to be covered in the course during the semester.
  • Topics and course requirements sections along with a running calendar of dates when topics and assignments will be reviewed by the class throughout the semester.
  • A section on course requirements which outlines the type and number of assignments which students must complete. Some faculty members combine the topics and course requirements sections along with a calendar of dates when topics and assignments will be reviewed by the class throughout the semester.

Once a complete syllabus has been developed, it should be submitted to Dr. Kathryn Beard via email attachment at

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