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Over the past 25 years, the field of biological sciences has experienced unprecedented growth in all areas, leading to a large increase in demand for qualified workers in the field. This demand will continue to expand since global population increases in the next several decades will pose new biological problems, particularly in the areas of disease and environmental sustainability. The student majoring in biological sciences now has a wide variety of career paths from which to choose. The microbiologist identifies new potentially harmful strains of bacteria and finds ways to combat these strains. The immunologist seeks to understand our complex immune system so that we can better fight diseases. The environmental biologist (ecologist) looks at our fragile environment and enables man to live without disrupting this environment. The plant pathologist studies and treats diseases of plants, especially our vital crop plants. Entomologists study the millions of both beneficial and harmful insect species, and apply this knowledge to pest eradication and forensic studies, for example. Students with an interest in computer science can now couple computer science and biology in the newly emerging fields of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is a field enjoying explosive growth due to the ever increasing sophistication of our computer technology. Virginia Tech has invested millions of dollars into a newly constructed state of the art Bioinformatics Institute, to address biological and genetic research using computer technology.

In addition to the above, there is still a need for the classic "field biologist" who travels into the outdoors to collect botanical specimens or study the zoology of the many different animal species that inhabit our planet. The fields of biology and medicine can also be combined in the form of Medical Technology, which is the field that uses lab testing to assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

All of the career paths above and more can be pursued by beginning your studies at VWCC. The Associate of Science Degree in Science is specifically designed for transfer. Guaranteed admissions agreements with Virginia public and private colleges and universities provide a wide variety of choices for degree completion.

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