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The curriculum is specifically designed for students who want to transfer to a four-year college or university. For students who are uncertain about their vocational or educational goals, this curriculum offers sufficient flexibility so that students may take courses that are accepted in most four-year colleges and universities in a wide number of baccalaureate degree programs. It also provides greater opportunity than that offered in other college-transfer programs for the student to take courses that emphasize areas of academic strength and interest. Students are urged to acquaint themselves with the requirements of the major department in the college or university to which transfer is contemplated and further to consult with their faculty or academic advisor at Virginia Western in planning their programs and selecting their electives. In order to prepare for junior-class standing at a four-year college or university, the student usually must complete a program of study at the community college that is comparable in length and course content to the first two years of the program at the four-year institution.

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Ann Moser
Professor, English
540-857-6164 | Humanities 116

B.S. - Barton College
M.A. - Radford University
Ph.D. - Virginia Tech

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Humanities 111

Student Resources - English

The following are writing, grammar, punctuation, usage, and research resources recommended by VWCC English instructors:

  • MLA Guide; Bedford/St. Martin's Research and Documentation Online is an excellent guide for constructing in-text citations and works cited. The handy drop-down menu will help you find examples for most citation needs. Be sure to read the material in and between the examples; there are many helpful instructions there that will help when you are using and citing sources.
  • Purdue University; Purdue University has an extensive site that includes grammar guides (also style guides, MLA, and APA guides).
  • Grammar Slammer; A solid grammar site with helpful explanations, examples, and exercises. Searchable by terms.
  • Exploring English; This site goes over parts of speech and punctuation in an analytical and visual way.
  •; This site offers a wealth of online references: encyclopedias, dictionaries, Bartlett's Quotations, Strunk and White's Elements of Style, Gray's Anatomy, essays, and hundreds of complete literary works.
  • Brown Library; The VWCC library website includes hours, staff, maps, the searchable catalog and databases, the library handbook, and instructions for asking questions, real-time and email, to the librarians.
  • Online Library Class; The research and instructional librarian, Ms. Laura Milliman, designed modules that illustrate how to search and use the library's catalog, periodicals, and databases (Thomson Gale, JSTOR, Literature Resource Center, MLA International Bibliography, Project Muse. Each of the nine modules is a presentation with audio that will guide you through the process of using the library online.
  • Writing Center (The Academic Link)


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