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Fire Science

Virginia Western's Fire Science faculty are active firefighters with experience in the field and in the classroom.

Firefighting & Prevention Career Studies Certificate

Curriculum Advisory Board

The faculty and directors of our Fire Science program meet regularly with a curriculum advisory board that consists of local and regional fire chiefs and training officers. These professionals give the college advice and guidance to keep the program current and to ensure that it meets the needs of local emergency service departments.


In addition to working with a local advisory board, the college participated in a statewide initiative to strengthen the education and training of firefighters in the Commonwealth. As part of this initiative, the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) agreed to accept certain ACE accredited Virginia Department of Fire Programs (VDFP) certificates for academic credit and VDFP agreed to allow completers of certain VCCS classes to test for VDFP certifications. Virginia Western recognizes this agreement and is pleased to offer firefighters this opportunity.

VDFP certifications that can be used for college credits:

Firefighter I and II = FST 100
Hazardous Materials Operations = FST 111
Instructor I and II =FST 135
Instructor I and FST 136 = FST 135
Fire Inspector = FST 115
Fire Officer I (see advisor)

College credits that can be used for VDFP certifications:

(student must pass VDFP exam)

FST 135 = Fire Instructor I
FST 115 = Fire Inspector I
FST 100, 115, and 120 = Fire Officer I

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Faculty Advisor

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