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Associate of Applied Science Degree

This curriculum is designed to provide a broad educational foundation which will prepare graduates for employment in numerous criminal justice related occupations. For students already working in the criminal justice field, this curriculum will provide preparation for advancement in the profession.

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Keith Johnson
540-857-6277 | Duncan 117

A.A.S. - Virginia Western Community College, 1977
B.S. - Virginia Commonwealth University, 1979
M.S. - Radford University, 1989

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Humanities 111

Advanced Standing Credit

Per the Articulation Agreement between the Virginia Community College System and the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, students who have satisfactorily documented successful completion of the VA State Police Academy or a Regional and Independent Certified Training Academy shall be awarded the following credit. Appropriate documentation is required and must be submitted to the Administration of Justice Department Head or to the Dean of Social Sciences. Note: credit for the courses listed below is not transferable.

Entry Level Law Enforcement Officer Certificate

  • Virginia State Police Academy or Regional/Independent Certified Training Academy
  • ADJ 110 Introduction of Law Enforcement (3 credits)
  • ADJ 115 Patrol Operations (3 credits)
  • ADJ 229 Law Enforcement and the Community (3 credits)
  • ADJ 236 Criminal Investigation (3 credits)
  • HLT 110 Concepts of Personal and Community Health (2 credits)
  • PED 137 Martial Arts (1 credit)
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