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NUR 239 Clinical Competencies

The student who successfully completes NUR 239 will be able to meet the criteria listed for the previous course as well as the following criteria:

Professional Behavior

  • practice accountability according to legal and ethical guidelines
  • participate in professional organizations
  • continue formal and informal learning to maintain personal and professional growth
  • serve as health advocate for clients, families, and the community
  • attend all assigned clinical and simulation laboratory experiences

Nursing Process

  • synthesize information gained from assessment
  • collaborate with the interdisciplinary team
  • plan and implement care for more than one client based on priorities
  • evaluate client response to planned care
  • revise plan of care based on evaluation

Nursing Interventions

  • integrate principles of nursing theory into completion of procedures and administration of medications
  • administer medications in an organized and efficient manner with standby supervision
  • calculate complex IV dosages
  • perform technical skills in cost effective manner
  • apply principles learned in NSL to the performance of nursing skills


  • integrate critical thinking skills
  • integrate the nursing process into the care of complex clients with major interferences in health
  • integrate health care promotion activities into nursing practice for individuals and the community
  • delegate appropriately
  • integrate the role of the ADN into practice
  • independently correlate theoretical knowledge into clinical decision making


  • demonstrate comfort with the technology used in the clinical setting
  • skillfully apply the principles of documentation to nurses' notes independently
  • synthesize information gained in report
  • use report findings to prioritize care
  • communicate client status in an organized and efficient manner
  • incorporate theories of client/community teaching into practice
  • integrate therapeutic communication skills when relating to clients/family/staff/peers/faculty.
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